Windows® Server™ 2003/2000 Terminal Server Solutions

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Windows® Server™ 2003/2000 Terminal Server Solutions

Todd W. Mathers, "Windows® Server™ 2003/2000 Terminal Server Solutions"
Addison Wesley Professional | ISBN 1578702763 | December 2004 | CHM | 1264 Pages | 64.49 MB

This book brings together all the insights, knowledge, and step-by-step guidance you need to deliver robust, scalable, and stable server-based computing solutions with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0. Building on two best-selling previous editions, expert consultant Todd W. Mathers has fully updated this book to cover both Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server environments.

Drawing on nearly a decade of experience, Mathers addresses the entire project lifecycle, from needs assessment through planning, testing, deployment, and support. He covers the full spectrum of deployments, from Terminal Services for small businesses through enterprise-class Terminal Services/Citrix server farms. Along the way, Mathers presents proven examples and best practices for virtually every challenge, from server security to group policies, patch management to automated client deployment. Coverage includes:

    Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame: how they relate, and how to determine what you need

    Common implementation traps and "gotchas"and how to avoid them

    Planning client hardware/software, server hardware, networking, hotfix distribution, and more

    Step-by-step installation, including service-pack integration and answer files

    Detailed checklists and tuning techniques for optimizing performance and stability

    New Windows Server 2003 licensing requirements: overcoming the misinterpretations

    Expanded coverage of security in both Terminal Services and Citrix environments

    New and improved solutions for client drive and printer mapping

    Interoperability between MetaFrame 1.8 and MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0

    User profile and account creation, configuration, and management

    RDP and ICA client configuration, in detail

    Application compatibility: using Terminal Services' application support features

    Using Session Directory to track and reconnect sessions in clustered environments

    Complete command references for Terminal Services and MetaFrame XP

If you're an administrator, architect, or developer using or evaluating Windows thin-client technologies, Windows® Server 2003/2000 Terminal Server Solutions will be your indispensable single-source reference