P.Andrew, J.Conard, S.Woodgate, "Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation"

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Paul Andrew, James Conard, Scott Woodgate, "Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation"
Sams | ISBN 0672328488 | 2005 Year | CHM | 7,27 Mb | 312 Pages

Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation is a premium reference that provides information on a key part of WinFX, providing universally accessible and consistent workflow technology for the Windows platform. Windows Workflow Foundation delivers an API as part of WinFX and a workflow designer hosted in Visual Studio 2005.

The Windows Workflow Foundation supports development of both sequential and state-based workflow involving both human and system interaction. Sequential workflow is a map of activities that may be in series or parallel. State-based workflow is a state machine where events cause transitions. Rules can be specified that drive decision making in a workflow and can be updated easily at runtime. Workflow can be created as a model and executed inside many host applications including Windows Forms, console applications, or Web applications.

Key Scenarios that can be developed with Windows Workflow Foundation include:
— Document management: The steps involved in the review and approval of shared documents or other content.
— Line of business application: The processing flow or business logic in an extensible part of the application.
— Website page flow: The flow of state variables between web pages.
— IT management: Handling of common systems management processes.
— Decision making logic: Where complex business logic is well described by a sequential or state diagram.
— Consumer: A common series of steps for consumer PC usage.

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