Workshop Methods of Work - Fine Woodworking (Methods of Work) Tips and Tricks

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Workshop Methods of Work - Fine Woodworking (Methods of Work) Tips and Tricks

Workshop Methods of Work - Fine Woodworking (Methods of Work) Tips and Tricks
Taunton (?)| ISBN none | 2000 Year | 602+ Pages | Multiple PDF | English | 31.8 Mb

Thousand tips and tricks for woodworker …

This is a set of PDF files that seems to include Workshop Methods of Work: The Best Tips from 25 years of Fine Woodworking (Methods of Work):

From Library Journal
Columns featuring reader-submitted tips are one of the most popular sections of any do-it-yourself magazine. These titles feature hundreds of such tricks of the trade that originally appeared in Fine Woodworking magazine over the last 25 years. Nearly every aspect of woodworking is covered: shop-made fixtures, tool modifications, new uses of common materials, and means of solving seemingly insurmountable problems. These tips have stood the test of time and represent some of the best advice available if a tip wasn't that good, some wise guy would have submitted something better. These outstanding titles should be part of every public library collection; a slip-cased four-volume set is available.
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Book Description
Since 1976 Jim Richey has written the "Methods of Work" column, in which readers share approaches to woodworking problems or ask for help, and he responds with clear, simply illustrated explanations. Sampling literally tens of thousands of reader submissions, this series, edited by Richey, features the best advice from 25 years of Fine Woodworking. "Methods of Work" appeals to both beginning and intermediate woodworkers through its practical, straightforward solutions to woodworking challenges both common and complex. Each answer is a combination of step-by-step guidelines and the author's high-quality line drawings. Since these projects originated in the small workshops of the magazine's readers, woodworkers can be assured of proven results.

plus a bunch of others tips and tricks

Source: … and for rest: Fine Woodworking forum



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