A Woman's Concise Guide To Common Medical Tests

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A Woman's Concise Guide To Common Medical Tests

Michele C., M.D. Moore, Caroline M., M.D. De Costa
«A Woman's Concise Guide To Common Medical Tests»
Rutgers University Press | ISBN: 0813535794 | May 2005 | 175 Pages | 0,9 Mb

Every year, millions of healthy women undergo a variety of screening tests without understanding why or the meaning of the outcome. If you are among those women, overwhelmed by information and baffled by results, this is the book you've been waiting for. In straightforward, personable prose, A Woman's Concise Guide to Common Medical Tests surveys a wide variety of standard tests commonly suggested by doctors. Using the recommendations of the U.S. Preventative Health Services Task Force as a starting point, physicians Michele C. Moore and Caroline M. de Costa describe and explain screening tests for STDs and other communicable diseases, diabetes, thyroid disease, bone loss, various genetic tests, pregnancy, and cancer (including breast, colon, and skin). A section on common blood tests demystifies the numerical results that can be virtually impossible to interpret for women outside the medical profession. The authors detail what is considered "normal" as well as what's not - to help women make sense of their results. As practicing physicians, both authors have fielded patients' questions about standard screening tests and understand what women should know but often feel afraid to ask about. For each test, there is an explanation of why it may be ordered, how it is done, what sort of preparation may be involved, and what risks may be incurred. As the health-care industry continues to evolve, the amount of medical information available to women about their health can be overwhelming and confusing. Without being encyclopedic or intimidating, A Woman's Concise Guide to Common Medical Tests offers all the facts you need about screening tests, all in one place.