WORD by WORD picture dictionary

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WORD by WORD picture dictionary

WORD by WORD picture dictionary

Author: Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss|Publishing: Longman|~ 33 MB |Pages: 126|PDF

The Only Truly Communicative Vocabulary Development Program!
Welcome to the exciting new edition of the picture dictionary program famous worldwide for its ease-of-use, lively spirit, and active conversational approach.
Outstanding features of the new edition:
* Vibrant illustrations and simple accessible lesson pages are designed for clarity and ease-of-use with learners at all levels. Word by Word is the most learner-friendly picture dictionary — especially for Beginners.
* More than 4,000 words in an expanded range of topics prepare students for success using English in everyday life, in the community, in school, and at work.
* A careful research-based sequence of lessons integrates students' development of grammar and vocabulary skills through topics that begin with the immediate world of the student and progress to the world at large.
* New lesson formats provide integrated context-based instruction with nouns and high-frequency verbs. Objects and actions that go together are learned together!
* Expanded discussion questions encourage students to share their backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and creativity as they relate vocabulary and themes to their own lives.
* A new Teacher 's Guide and Lesson Planner with CD-ROM in a colorful user-friendly format includes lesson planning suggestions, community tasks, WordLinks for expanding vocabulary themes through the Internet, and reproducible masters to save teachers hours of lesson preparation time.
* A unique choice of workbooks at Beginning and Intermediate levels offers flexible options to meet students' needs:
Vocabulary Workbooks feature motivating vocabulary, grammar, and listening practice.
Standards-Based Lifeskills Workbooks provide competency-based activities and reading tied to national, state, and local curriculum frameworks.
A Literacy Workbook is also available.
The outstanding audio program includes all words and conversations for interactive practice, and — as bonus material — an expanded program of WordSongs for entertaining musical practice with the vocabulary.

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