World System History: The Social Science of Long-Term Change

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Robert Allen Denemark (Editor), Jonathan Friedman, Barry K. Gills and George Modelski, «World System History: The Social Science of Long-Term Change»
Routledge | ISBN 0415232775 | 2000 Year | PDF | 368 Pages

This book is the fundamental starting point for the study of continuity and change in the global social, economic and political system over the longest historical term. Bringing together eminent interdisciplinary scholars, World System History considers the nature of social continuity back through history, resulting in a book which cuts across boundaries in social science and deals with at least 5000 years of the human past in a truly global perspective, No other volume offer so coordinated a picture of the issues of the prospects for the unified study of world system history. The kind of transdisciplinary cooperation needed to make sense of our complex world is made clear through the range of contributors' perspectives, This extraordinary book shows that in order to understand contemporary issues we must study the long term history of the world system. It will be a vital overview of perspective on the history of the world system for all graduates and researcher in a variety of fields such as international political economy, world history and sociology.

Robert A. Denemark is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware. Jonathan Friedman is Directeur d'Etudes at the Ecole des Hautes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Lund. Bary K. Gills is at the University of Newcastle. George Modelski is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Washington.