Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers

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Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers

Book: 'How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper: 5th Edition'

Robert A. Day

Publisher: Oryx Press 1998 | ISBN: 1573561657 | Language: English | CHM | 296 Pages

This book, in 30 chapters, five appendices and one glossary, instructs in a didactic and very clear style the guidelines authors should follow, in order to improve the quality of their scientific papers, theses and article reviews, among other topics.

This witty and practical guide to organizing, writing, and submitting scientific research for publication in a scholarly scientific journal is designed to help good scientists become good writers. Each edition of this popular work has quickly become an Oryx bestseller, and the new fifth edition has been extensively revised to reflect the significant impact of the Internet and other electronic resources on the writing and publishing of scientific papers.This new edition presents seven new chapters that cover the topics of equipment and software; electronic publishing formats; the Internet and the World Wide Web; publishing on the World Wide Web; electronic journals; e-mail and newsgroups; and searching for information on the Web. Many chapters from the previous edition have also been revised and updated.

Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers

Article: 'Writing a Scientific Paper. Third Edition'

Vernon Booth

Trinity College, Cambridge | Language: English | PDF | 24 Pages

In 1970 Vernon Booth was awarded the first Prize in a competition organized by Koch-Light Laboratories Ltd, Coinbrook, Bucks., U.K.. His article 'Writing a Scientific Paper' was printed first in 1971, and 10000 copies were distributed freely by Koch-Light. A Second Edition was prepared by Dr Booth and distributed privately. Copies of the First and Second Editions are no longer in print but requests for them have not ceased. Hence this Third Edition, which is a revision of the previous versions.

Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers

Article: 'Opinion: Publish or Perish–An Ailing Enterprise?'

Mohamed Gad-el-Hak

Physics Today, March 2004, page 61 | Language: English | PDF | 2 pages

A must read for all researchers.

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