Wrox Beginning Visual C#

Wrox Beginning Visual C# | PDF 19 MB

With Beginning Visual C#, you will learn how to use Visual C# from first principles.Visual C# is an object-oriented programming language, designed specifically for programming Microsoft’s new platform, the .NET Framework. You’ll quickly and easily learn how to write Visual C# code and create your own applications—for both Windows and the Web. This book will be an indispensable guide as you learn to write C# programs, gradually explaining the key concepts of Visual C# and .NET as your skills develop, with exercises at the end of chapters to test yourself. Starting with a thorough tutorial of the Visual C# language and object-oriented programming, you will progress to learn how to apply your understanding to programming the .NET Framework.
What you need to know
Beginning Visual C# is ideal for beginners with little background in programming,
or relatively inexperienced programmers who want to move from a language that
doesn’t support object-oriented programming techniques. The book moves at a
fast enough pace that if you have programmed in another language, then you will
still find the book valuable.
What you will learn from this book
With clear explanations and hands-on examples, you will learn about the following:
l The C# language from the ground up
l Designing and writing object-oriented programs
l .NET programming with Visual C#
l Working with Windows forms and controls
l Creating graphics, and printing
l Accessing databases and files
l Writing web applications and web services in Visual c#