M. Mullard: Social Policy in A Changing Society

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M. Mullard: Social Policy in A Changing Society

Social Policy in A Changing Society
Routledge | 1998-11-10 | ISBN: 0415165415 | PDF | 243 Pages | 1 MB

Social Policy in a Changing Society provides a clear introduction to social policy by building a link between theory and policy. It considers a range of interpretations of changes in society, politics and the economy, and assesses their implications for social welfare. The first part of the book considers conventional models, including Keynesian thought, Marxism, liberalism, conservatism, social democracy and socialism. The second part turns to new paradigms, including communitarianism, post-fordism, globalization, postmodernity, the risk society, critical theory, Foucauldian thought and patriarchy. In the third part, the authors review debates on social, economic and political change. The approach is mainly theoretical, with material drawn from sociology, political theory, economics and public and social administration. This will be essential reading for those studying social policy and sociology.