Your Successful Project Management Career

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Ronald B. Cagle, «Your Successful Project Management Career»
AMACOM | ISBN 0814408249 | 2005 Year | PDF | 1,03 Mb | 208 Pages

Those starting out in or considering a career in project management are faced with an almost endless string of questions. What experience and training do they need? What type of certification is required? What does the job consist of? And how can they best manage their careers?Your Successful Project Management Career provides all the information project management beginners need, from typical corporate hierarchy to reading requirements, developing project plans, and executing and closing the project. Readers will find important terminology clarified and will learn how project management got started, how the field has grown, and where it's headed. There's plenty of advice on how to make the transition from their present careers into project management, as well as a list of courses and educational programs.Project management is a rewarding – and challenging – career. And with organization like the Project Management Institute expanding their membership by 20 percent annually, it's also a fast-growing one. Your Successful Project Management Career gives readers the tools they need to excel, and to manage the projects that are the lifeblood of any organization.