Quench - August 2018

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Quench - August 2018

Quench - August 2018
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Cooking with squid ink is a true art. BY JONATHAN SMITHE
Eating in someone else’s kitchen may help you cook better. BY TOD STEWART
Growing Syrah in the heart of Tuscany. BY MICHAEL PINKUS
Sicily’s storied past is lined with glasses of sweet wine. BY MICHAELA MORRIS
Sicilian reds are king but the sun is shining on their unique white wines. BY EVAN SAVIOLIDIS
Visit the University of Minnesota, the place some of your favourite wines were born. BY LISA HOEKSTRA
How is Canada influencing the global wine scene? BY TREVE RING
Rice dishes play a big part in European cuisine. BY DUNCAN HOLMES
Take advantage of September’s crops to create your own veggie-dense dishes. BY NANCY JOHNSON
The importance of Sicilian whites can’t be understated. BY GURVINDER BHATIA
How is Canadian wine being seen on the international stage? BY TONY ASPLER

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