Quench - June 2016

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Quench - June 2016

Quench - June 2016
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Meet the man who is changing how we match Indian cuisine with wine. BY GURVINDER BHATIA
Why are some people describing Vidal this way? BY MICHAEL PINKUS
Did you know superfoods are sitting in your grocery basket disguised as their mild- mannered alter egos? BY LISA HOEKSTRA
What happens when you take a break from eating meat? BY JOANNE WILL
Grapes can work as well on our plates as they do in our glass.
Quench polls the experts and finds the best vineyards in Niagara. BY RICK VANSICKLE
Real cider is more than sugar primed commercial fizz. BY TIM PAWSEY
The notion of pairing spirits with food is being turned on its head. BY TOD STEWART
Spiced and flavoured spirits are making a comeback. Good or bad thing? BY SILVANA LAU

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