Introducing Science

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Introducing Science

Introducing Science
By Alan Isaacs, foreword by Isaac Asimov

Penguin (Non-Classics) | Pages:266 | Publication Date:1963 | ISBN / ASIN: B000OIZ4LS | PDF | 12mb

THIS DIRECT AND LIVELY BOOK performs a genuine service to the reader eager to know what modern science is all about.
Organized around two central concepts matter and energy Introducing Science uses no "scientific" word without first explaining it and requires no prior knowledge of mathematics. It makes easily comprehensible the most recent advances in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and related fields.

Dr. Isaacs first explains what constitutes inorganic, organic, and living matter including elements, atoms, and molecules; gases, liquids, solids, and crystals; and cell reproduction, viruses, and DNA.

He then turns to energy chemical, mechanical, electrical, radiant, and nuclear lucidly explaining such "complexities" as electromagnetic fields, radiation, relativity, and thermonuclear reaction.
In the final section, he surveys the boundaries of knowledge, discussing in particular the creation of life and of the universe and the ultimate nature of matter.
"Public opinion in matters scientific," writes Isaac Asimov in his Foreword, "cannot exist in a vacuum The knowledge on which a rational and constructive public opinion may form itself can come only from the labors of those who . . . possess the ability to explain it to those without specialized training and are willing to spend the time to
do so.


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