Never Cook Sober Cookbook

Never Cook Sober Cookbook

Stacy Laabs, Sherri Field, "Never Cook Sober Cookbook"
English | ISBN: 1440532664 | edition 2012 | EPUB | 128 pages | 1.77 MB

The only thing better than homemade is homemade with alcohol. In Never Cook Sober Cookbook, Stacy Laabs and Sherri Field prove that cooking is a lot more fun when you do it sauced—and we're not talking Worcestershire.

With this no-booze-barred guide, every meal you make is a hangover waiting to happen. So unlock the liquor cabinet and get ready to whip up such liquored-up recipes as:

Giddy Raspberry Tea Vodka Granola Yogurt
Bottoms-Up Mudslide Smoothie
Distracted Bourbon Pecan Waffles
Happy Hour Clam Beer Bites
Tipsy Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos
Sassy Salmon in Champagne Sauce
Play-It-Again Gin Scallops
Half-Seas over Lime Rum Shrimp Kebabs
Mixology Cupcakes
Zonked Kahlua Fudge Brownies

With 100 mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts guaranteed to get your taste buds buzzin', you'll have all you need to drive your family and friends to drink—one drunken dish at a time!