The Terrorist's Handbook

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The Terrorist's Handbook

The Terrorist's Handbook (Reupload)

Written BY: UNKNOWN AUTHOR- DOC 72 Pages - 0.05MB

This is a collection of many years worth of effort……..this is the original manuscript for a non-published work, from an unknown author…..It was originally two LARGE files which had to be merged and then HEAVILY EDITED, mostly the pictures, and then spellchecked…This guy is a chemical genius but he could not spell if his life depended on it….I have simply run a spell check via WordPerfect 4.2, so there are probably more errors which were not picked up…sorry…I hope you have the patience to sit through this file, read it, then correct every little error….It is not like I am submitting it or anything…!!!!!
This file is dedicated To Kathie & KiKi …..Wherever you both may be…..