Various authors and various books part1

Explanation: Judith Ivory
Size: 1.14 MB
Files included: (new5-19) Ivory, Judith - The indiscretion (htlm).rar
Cuevas, Judy (aka Judith Ivory) - Bliss (v1.0) (html).rar
Ivory, Judith - Beast (v1.0) (html,jpg).rar
Ivory, Judith - Sleeping Beauty (v1.0) (html,jpg).rar
Ivory, Judith - Untie My Heartv4(html).rar

Explanation: Laura Kinsale
Size: 2.16 MB
Files included: Laura Kinsale - Midsummer Moon.htm
Laura Kinsale - Flowers From The Storm.html
Laura Kinsale - Prince of Midnight.html
Laura Kinsale - The Hidden Heart.html
Kinsale, Laura - Medieval 01 - For My Lady's Heart (html).rar
Kinsale, Laura - Medieval 02 - Shadowheart (v1.0) (html,jpg).rar
Kinsale, Laura - Seize the Fire (html,jpg).rar
Kinsale, Laura - The Shadow and the Star.txt

Explanation: Carole Mortimer
Size: 0.09 MB
Files included: Harlequin - Carole Mortimer - The Secret Virgin.txt

Explanation: Kelly Caddell
Size: 0.27 MB
Files included: Caddell, Kelly - Forever (html).rar
Kelly Caddell - The Lady And The Rogue(lit).rar

Explanation: Laura Wright
Size: 0.27 MB
Files included: Harlequin - Laura Wright - Cinderella & the playb.lit

Explanation: David Eddings
Size: 1.36 MB
Files included: Eddings, David - Brotherhood of the Rose.lit
Eddings, David - Shandril's Saga 01 - Spell Fire.lit
2_David Eddings - The Dreamers 02 - The Treasured One (v1.0) rtf.rar
Eddings, David - The Dreamers 01 - The Elder Gods (rtf).zip

Explanation: Colin Wilson
Size: 0.84 MB
Files included: Colin Wilson - Spider World 06 - Shadowland.pdb
Colin Wilson - The War Against Sleep.pdf
Wilson, Colin - Lifeforce Or The Space Vampires (v3.0) rtf.rar
Wilson, Colin, - The Philospher's Stone rtf.rar

Explanation: Bertrand Russell
Size: 2.80 MB
Files included: (Ebook - Philosophy) - Bertrand Russell - Education And Discipline.pdf
Russell, Bertrand - The Problems Of Philosophy - ebook.pdf
Russell, Bertrand - Why I am not a Christian.pdf
Bertrand Russell - My Philosophical Development (RTF).rar

Explanation: Frederik Pohl
Size: 1.93 MB
Files included: Pohl, Frederick (Ed) - Star of Stars (Anthology) v1.0(rtf).rar
Pohl, Frederik - Fermi and Frost v1(html).rar
Pohl, Frederik - Servant of the People (v1.0) (html).rar
Pohl, Frederik - The Gold at the Starbow's End (v1.0) (html).rar
Pohl, Frederik & Kornbluth, C. M. - The Meeting (v1.0) (html).rar
Pohl, Frederik - Heechee 01 - Gateway (lit).zip
Pohl, Frederik - Heechee 02 - Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (lit).zip
Pohl, Frederik - Homegoing (lit).zip
Pohl, Frederik - The World At The End Of Time (lit).zip

Explanation: Lori Foster
Size: 9.73 MB
Files included: Foster, Lori - Wanton.doc
Foster, Lori - Satisfy Me.doc
Foster, Lori - Tangled ImagesV6.doc
Foster, Lori - Tangled Sheets.doc
Foster, Lori - Tantalizing.doc
Foster, Lori - Too Much Temptation.doc
Foster, Lori - American Heroes 1 - Trapped.html
Foster, Lori - Fallen Angels 5 - Mr. November.html
Foster, Lori - American Heroes 1 - Trapped - Cover.jpg
- I Love Bad Boys - Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Donna Kauffman..lit
(eBook)Lori Foster - Indulge Me.lit
(eBook)Lori Foster - Winston Brothers 03 Tangled Images.lit
Anth - All Through the Night - Suzanne Forster, Thea Devine, Lori Foster, Shannon McKenna.lit
Foster, Lori - Winston Brothers 04 - Wild.lit
Foster, Lori - Brava Girlfriends 1 - Satisfy Me.lit
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Brothers - Casey.lit
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Brothers 03-Gabe.lit
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Brothers 4 - Jordanv6.lit
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Brothers1 -Sawyer.lit
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Brothers2 -Morgan.lit
Foster, Lori - Fallen Angels 3 - Caught in the Act.lit
Foster, Lori - Marrying Mary.txt.lit
Foster, Lori - Never Too Much.lit
Foster, Lori - Stranded.lit
Foster, Lori - Winston Brothers 02 Tangled Dreams.lit
Foster, Lori - Winston brothers 6 - Visitation 1 - Say No To Joe.lit
Harlequin - Foster, Lori - Fallen Angels 1 - Beguiled.lit
Harlequin - Foster, Lori - Fallen Angels 2 - Wanton.lit
Lori Foster - (2001-4) Mr. November.lit
Lori Foster - American Heroes 1 - Trapped.lit
Lori Foster - Brazen.lit
Lori Foster - Fallen Angels 5 - Mr. November.lit
Lori Foster - Marrying Mary.lit
Lori Foster - Stranded.lit
Lori Foster - Treat Her Right.lit
Men of courage - 3 in 1 - Foster, Lori & Kauffman, Donna & Shalvis, Jill .lit
Anthology - Bad Boys 01 - All Through the Night - Suzanne Forster, Thea Devine, Lori Foster, Shannon McKenna (html,jpg).rar
Anthology - Sinful - Suzanne Forster & Lori Foster & Kimberly Randell & Maggie Shayne lvoto5 html.rar
Foster, Lori - Girlfriends 01 - Satisfy Me All Through the Night.rar
Foster, Lori - Girlfriends 02 - Indulge Me - I Love Bad Boys.rar
Foster, Lori - Fallen Angels 4 - Treat Her RightV5 html, cover.rar
Foster, Lori - Winston Brothers and Visitation 04 - Wild.rar

Explanation: Frank Peretti
Size: 1.17 MB
Files included: Peretti, Frank E. - Prophet.htm
(new1-27) Peretti, Frank - Monster (html, jpg) .rar
Peretti, Frank - (Veritas Project v2) Nightmare Academy.txt
Peretti, Frank - Hangman's Curse.txt

Explanation: James P Hogan
Size: 1.22 MB
Files included: Hogan, James P - Code Of The Lifemaker(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - Cradle of Saturn(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - Endgame Enigma(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - The Genesis Machine(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - The Proteus Operation(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - The Two Faces of Tomorrow(txt).rar
Hogan, James P - Thrice Upon A Time(txt).rar

Explanation: Georgette Heyer
Size: 2.81 MB
Files included: Heyer, Georgette - Frederica.htm
(new1-15) Georgette Heyer - Detection Unlimited (v2.0) rtf, map.rar
Heyer, Georgette - Friday's Child (v1.0).rar
Heyer, Georgette - Pistols for Two - ss collection v2.0 (htm).rar
Heyer, Georgette - Sprig Muslin v2.0 (htm).rar
Heyer, Georgette - The Masqueraders (v2.0) (rtf).rar
Heyer, Georgette - The Nonesuch (v2.0) (htm, jpg).rar
Heyer, Georgette - The Quiet Gentleman v2.0 (htm).rar
Cousin Kate.rtf
Devil's Cub.rtf
The Black Moth.rtf
The Toll-Gate.rtf
They Found Him Dead.rtf

Explanation: Hannah Howell
Size: 1.05 MB
Files included: Howell, Hannah - Highland Groom.doc
Howell, Hannah - A Taste Of Fire.htm
HOWELL Hannah - Highland Bride.pdf
2_Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands - The Eternal Highlander(v1.0)(html).rar
HOWELL Hannah - His Immortabl Embrace - The Yearning.txt

Explanation: Julie Kenner
Size: 0.97 MB
Files included: Julie Kenner - A Touch Of Scandal (Harlequin).doc
Harlequin - Julie Kenner - A Touch Of Scandal.html
(new 09) Harlequin - Julie Kenner - Intimate fantasy.lit
(new1-31) Julie Kenner - Nobody But You (lit).rar
Kenner, Julie - The Spy Who Loves Me (V1.0) (htm).rar
Kenner, Julie - The Cat's Fancy.rtf

Explanation: Sharon Sala
Size: 0.79 MB
Files included: SHARON SALA - Missing.doc
Harlequin - Sala, Sharon - Familiar Stranger(SIM 1082).lit
Sala, Sharon - Storm Warning.rar
Sharon Sala - Rider on Fire (html).rar

Explanation: Connie Mason
Size: 1.19 MB
Files included: Mason, Connie - Lionheart.html
Connie Mason - (The Outlaws 1) - Rafe (html).rar
Connie Mason - Promise Me Forever (html).rar
Mason, Connie - (Rogues of London 01) - The Rogue and the Hellion (V1.0) (htm).rar
Mason, Connie - (Rogues Of London 02) - Seduced By A Rogue (v1.0) (htm).rar
Mason, Connie - (Rogues Of London 03) - The Last Rogue (v1.0) (htm, html).rar
Mason, Connie - Pure Temptation (v1.0) htm.rar

Explanation: Anne Herries
Size: 0.11 MB
Files included: (new3-20) Anne Herries - A Matter of Honour txt.rar

Explanation: Adele Ashworth
Size: 0.74 MB
Files included: (new5-13) Ashworth, Adele - Duke of Sin (v1.0) html, jpg, Covers.rar
Ashworth, Adele - My Darling Caroline.rar
Ashworth, Adele - Winter Garden (V1.0) (htm).rar

Explanation: Kay Hooper
Size: 4.04 MB
Files included: (new5-13) Kay Hooper - (Shamrock 1) - Rafe The Maverick (jpg, html).rar
Hooper, Kay - (Quinn 02) - Always A Thief (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Belonging to Taylor (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Christmas Future(htm).rar
Hooper, Kay - Enemy Mine (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Eye of the Beholder (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Hagen 01 - Raven On The Wing.rar
Hooper, Kay - Hagen 10 - Aces High (doc).rar
Hooper, Kay - Haunting Rachel (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Kissed by Magic (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Lady Thief (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - Loveswept 360 - The Glass Shoe (v0.9) (rtf, jpg).rar
Hooper, Kay - Loveswept Limited - Larger Than Life (v0.9) (rtf, jpg).rar
Hooper, Kay - Masquerade (v1.0) (rtf).rar
Hooper, Kay - The Haviland Touch (v1.0) (doc).rar
Hooper, Kay - The Matchmaker (v1.0) (rtf, jpg).rar
Hooper,Kay-(Hagen 07) - Shades of Gray (doc).rar
Hooper,Kay-(Hagen 08) - Captain's Paradise (v1.0) (doc).rar
Hooper, Kay - Loveswept 408 - Through the Looking Glass.rtf

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