Astrology Through a Psychics Eyes

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<b>Sylvia Browne, «Astrology Through a Psychic&#x27;s Eyes»</b><br/>
Hay House | ISBN 1561707201 | September 2000 | PDF | 162 Pages | 4,75 Mb </div><br/>
In this book, Sylvia presents her philosophy on astrology. It is written in a humorous vein, yet is a serious work and intended to educate the reader.<br/>
Although she does not bill herself as a professional astrologer, psychic Sylvia Browne has some strong opinions on how astrology plays into life on earth (as well as the afterlife). &quot;I promise you that you will not read any of this information in any other astrology book,&quot; writes Browne. &quot;This work represents my personal observations from 30 years as a professional psychic.&quot; Instead of specific predictions, this compact book offers general astrology tips. For example, she asserts that premature babies are probably trying to assure that they&#x27;re born under the right sign. Other tips include: &quot;Most of the time fire and air signs go every well together,&quot; and &quot;A rule of thumb is that you are compatible with people three signs removed from you.&quot; Readers can also look up Browne&#x27;s specific thoughts and psychic insights under their zodiac sign. But beware, Browne has a tell-it-like-I-see-it style, so not all of her comments are glowing and flattering.<br/>
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