Turning the Future Into Revenue

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Turning the Future Into Revenue

Glen Hiemstra,«Turning the Future Into Revenue: What Business and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures»

John Wiley | ISBN 0471792934 | PDF | 1,02 Mb | 256 pages | 2006 Year

In business, it always helps to know what's coming. How can you take advantage of the business opportunities of tomorrow if you aren't planning for that tomorrow today?

In Turning the Future into Revenue, noted futurist and business consultant Glen Hiemstra explores the global changes that will revolutionize business and reveals the ways individuals and organizations can profit from those coming developments. Surprising demographic shifts, energy shortages, new technologies, environmental changes, and issues of race and religion will change the way we live. They will also lead to new and exciting business opportunities. Only those who foresee those opportunities will be in position to take advantage of them.