What Every Parent Needs to Know about Standardized Tests (repost)

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What Every Parent Needs to Know about Standardized Tests (repost)

Joseph Harris, "What Every Parent Needs to Know about Standardized Tests: How to Understand the Tests and Help Your Kids Score High! "
2001 | ISBN: 0071377581 | 243 pages | PDF | 1 MB

A survival guide for parents who want to put their children's standardized tests in perspective
Each year, school systems around the country administer standardized assessment and achievement tests to millions of children. Because they fearoften correctlythat the results of these tests will profoundly affect their children's future, many parents regard standardized tests with apprehension, confusion, and even panic.

Written by a leading authority on the subject, this book demystifies standardized tests for parents and arms them with the knowledge they need to help their kids score high. Psychologist Joseph Harris explains, in plain English, what standardized testing is all about, clarifying the sometimes puzzling distinctions among assessment, achievement, and aptitude tests. He takes a close look at each of the commonly administered tests, explaining what various test scores mean, how to interpret test results, how to compare results from different tests, and how to use test results to help optimize a child's learning experience. He also provides helpful advice and guidance for parents of gifted and special-needs children.

Covers these major tests:
Iowa Test of Basic Skills
California Achievement Tests
Metropolitan Achievement Test
Terra Nova