MySQL Database Usage & Administration (repost)

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MySQL Database Usage & Administration (repost)

Vikram Vaswani, "MySQL Database Usage & Administration"
2009 | ISBN-10: 0071605495 | 368 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

Take your MySQL skills to the top tier

Maximize every powerful feature available in MySQL 5.1 with hands-on instruction from a MySQL expert. This definitive guide shows you how to use MySQL's advanced suite of data management tools, optimize performance and reliability, and secure and administer a robust RDBMS. MySQL Database Usage & Administration includes detailed code examples in each chapter to highlight real-world applications of the material covered. If you want to get the most out of MySQL, you need this practical handbook.

* Understand MySQL's features, technical architecture, subsystems, and commands
* Make database design decisions that optimizre performance, storage, and reliability
* Write complex queries using joins, subqueries, and views
* Group SQL statements into transactions and execute them atomically
* Build and use sophisticated stored procedures and functions
* Automate database operations with triggers and scheduled events
* Import and export data in different formats, includiong SQL, CSV, and XML
* Optimize server and query performance
* Administer a secure, high availability MySQL RDBMS
* Manage users and control access
* Perform database maintenance, replication, backup, and recovery

Vikram Vaswani is the founder and CEO of Melonfire (, a consultancy firm with special expertise in open-source tools and technologies. His previous books include MySQL: The Complete Reference, PHP: A Beginner's Guide, and PHP Programming Solutions.