Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments and Controllers (Repost)

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Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments and Controllers (Repost)

Harprit Sandhu, "Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments and Controllers"
English | 2008-12-23 | ISBN: 0071606165 | 350 pages | PDF | 63.8 mb

Harness the power of the PIC microcontroller unit with practical, common-sense instruction from an engineering expert. Through eight real-world projects, clear illustrations, and detailed schematics, Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments and Controllers shows you, step-by-step, how to design and build versatile PIC-based devices. Configure all necessary hardware and software, read input voltages, work with control pulses, interface with peripherals, and debug your results. You'll also get valuable appendices covering technical terms, abbreviations, and a list of sample programs available online.

- Build a tachometer that gathers, processes, and displays data
- Make accurate metronomes using internal PIC timers
- Construct an asynchronous pulse counter that tracks marbles
- Read temperature information through an analog-to-digital converter
- Use a gravity sensor and servos to control the position of a table
- Assemble an eight-point touch screen with an input scanning routine
- Engineer an adjustable, programmable single-point controller
- Capture, log, monitor, and store data from a solar collector