Baseball for the Utterly Confused (repost)

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Baseball for the Utterly Confused (repost)

Baseball for the Utterly Confused By Ed Randall
2010 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0071634746 | PDF | 4 MB

Play Ball!
Everything baseball—from the popular Utterly Confused Series
What's a foul ball?
Or a swinging third strike?
New fans, parents, and first-time coaches need no longer be Utterly Confused about baseball, as the popular series introduces the basics of the sport in a fun and easy-to-follow guide.

Peppered with big league interviews and examples, Baseball for the Utterly Confused cuts through the jargon and history to deliver a complete guide to everything baseball. From little league to the majors, this informative guide brings the most casual fan up to speed on what's going on on the field and off of it.
Provides a foundation for understanding the game through strategy, rules and scoring, statistics, major league players and more
Includes easy-to-reference icons throughout the book that walk you through the basics and highlight key situations
Features interviews with major league notables and a special chapter on baseball history: The Golden Age, Divisional Baseball, The Dead Ball Era and more
From the intricacies of the game, its rules, rivalries, strategies, and standings, those new to the game won't feel like they're in over their heads. This book will break it all down.