Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features - Reup.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features - Reup.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 2004 | 352 pages | ISBN-10: 0072227761 | CHM | 6.62 MB

Written by Michael Otey, Senior Technical Editor of SQL Server Magazine, this authoritative resource introduces the new features in the Yukon release, providing a jump start for IT professionals transitioning from SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000.

Take Full Advantage of The Database and Analysis Potential of SQL Server 2005

Get full details on all the innovative features and benefits available in the upcoming release of SQL Server 2005. This authoritative guide explains the new and improved enterprise data management capabilities, developer functions, and business intelligence tools. You’ll see how the new release offers enhanced scalability, availability, and security, as well as ease-of-use. Written by the Senior Technical Editor of SQL Server Magazine, this is an ideal resource for decision-makers, developers, and DBAs preparing for upgrades or migration.

Covers new and improved capabilities including:

* All news tools such as SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio
* .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration
* Enhanced availability and recovery features including Database Mirroring and Snapshot Isolation
* T-SQL enhancements and new data types
* Improved XML integration and the new native XML data type
* The new Reporting Services and SQL Server Broker subsystems
* The new Unified Dimensional Model and Data Mining algorithms
* Security enhancements such as secure default settings and Schema ownership
* The enterprise-ready Integration Services
* All new development models: AMO, SMO, ODL, XMLA