2003 Winning The Tax Game

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2003 Winning The Tax Game

Tim Cestnick, "2003 Winning The Tax Game"
Publisher: Prentice Hall Cda (APB) 2002 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 0130392995 | PDF | 1 MB

In this, the fifth edition of his bestselling annual guide, Tim Cestnick once again shows readers how they can build a successful game plan to reduce their taxes and maximize after-tax investment returns.

Winning the Tax Game 2003 is an informative and entertaining look at taxes in Canada: how to pay them, how not to pay them (legally, of course), and how to make the most of tax savings.

Packed with useful information, Winning the Tax Game includes Tim's one hundred favourite tax-saving tips, his explanation of the daunting world of tax planning, and practical suggestions on how to hold onto income and make it grow. It also includes sections on retirement planning, strategies for the self-employed, valuable tips for investors and tax planning for families.

It is possible to win the tax game—let Tim Cestnick show you how.

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