The .NET and COM Interoperability Handbook by Alan Gordon

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The .NET and COM Interoperability Handbook by  Alan Gordon

The .NET and COM Interoperability Handbook by Alan Gordon
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (December 30, 2002) | ISBN: 013046130X | CHM | 4,5 Mb | 720 pages

.NET/COM interoperability in depth: comprehensive techniques and strategies
— The most in-depth guide to .NET/COM interoperability ever published! — Covers every .NET/COM interop option, "gotcha," and workaround — Offers practical strategies for .NET migration and long-term .NET/COM coexistence — Compares .NET to COM and Java — Addresses many advanced issues, including Interop marshaling, Primary Interop Assemblies, using ActiveX Controls from managed code, using COM+ Services from managed code, converting your COM+ Applications to XML Web Services and .NET Remoting
The .NET and COM Interoperability Handbook will help you move your Windows(-based software into the future without abandoning the investments you've already made. Writing from the perspective of the experienced COM/COM+ developer, Alan Gordon offers the most realistic, in-depth coverage of .NET/COM interoperability ever presented. He illuminates all your .NET/COM interoperability options, offering practical advice for both migration and long-term coexistence. Coverage includes:
— What COM/COM+ developers must know first about .NET/COM interoperability — Using the .NET/COM interoperability resources built into Visual Studio .NET — Calling COM/COM+ components from .NET — Calling .NET components from Win32/COM applications — Using COM+ Services from .NET applications — Turning your COM+ applications into an XML Web Service without writing any code — Understanding the impact of COM apartment threading on .NET performance — Overcoming mismatches between COM reference counting and .NET garbage collection — Interop marshaling, ActiveX controls, .NET remoting, and much more

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