Point & Click!

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Point & Click!

Point & Click!
Prentice Hall, Robin 'Roblimo' Miller | ISBN:0131879928 | 216 pages | 29 Nov 2005 | CHM | 12 Mb 2.0 is all the office productivity software you’ll ever need for your Windows or Linux computer: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, even databases… and it’s free! Not sure it’s up to the job? It is. Not sure you can switch from Microsoft Office? You can. Just let expert and Open Source Technology Group (OSTG) editor-in-chief Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller teach you the easy way—using the skills you already have!

Robin will help you become productive in minutes—and you don’t need to be a computer expert! His easy, visual instructions walk you through every step of every task you need to know… plus, you’ll find twenty how-to videos on CD! You’ll master everything from formatting text documents to creating presentation slide shows and building “what-if” projections to designing flowcharts. There’s even bonus coverage of Firefox and Thunderbird, the fast, safe, free software for Web browsing and e-mail!

• Master Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, and Base.

• Create Microsoft Office-compatible documents anyone can read and use.

• Analyze, manage, and manipulate business information with Calc.

• Design attractive charts and other visuals.

• Use mail merge to create great form letters or e-mails.

• Create and manipulate sophisticated databases—even if you have no previous database experience.

• Start using Firefox—the safest, most secure Web browser available for Windows!

• Filter out junk mail with Thunderbird and say goodbye to Outlook Express.

• Do things you can’t do with Microsoft Office—such as creating Flash slide shows for the Web!