Navigating Life with a Brain Tumor

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Navigating Life with a Brain Tumor

Navigating Life with a Brain Tumor By Lynne P. Taylor, Alyx B. Porter Umphrey, Diane Richard
2013 | 215 Pages | ISBN: 0199897794 | PDF | 2 MB

Providing readily accessible information and real-world encouragement to people living with primary and metastatic brain tumors, this book discusses the basics of brain tumors, types of tumors, management of different tumors, related symptoms, treatments and side effects, the role of medical team members, and coping strategies from initial diagnosis throughout the course of the illness. At the same time, it also offers practical suggestions on symptom management and lifestyle modification, as well as real-life anecdotes and advice from both patients and family members and friends who are experiencing this diagnosis. Written by two experts working with a professional writer, as well as advice from other professionals, the book is crystal clear and easy to use. Balancing the uncertainties of prognosis with hope, Navigating Life with a Brain Tumor is an authoritative, realistic, yet compassionate guide to living with brain cancer.