Global Inequality Matters (repost)

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Global Inequality Matters (repost)

Darrel Moellendorf, "Global Inequality Matters"
2009 | ISBN: 0230224571 | 256 pages | PDF | 43 MB

The globalization of trade, investment, and finance continues apace. Many have benefited from this, but deep inequalities persist. This book argues that the interconnections established by globalization make possible a critique of its inequality. For those who take seriously human dignity, equality is a basic presumption of social institutions.

Acknowledgments viii
1 Inequality and the Inherent Dignity of Persons 1
2 Coercion and the Conditions of Distributive Justice 19
3 Equal Respect in Political and Economic Associations 40
4 Global Equality of Opportunity Defended 68
5 International Trade, Development and Labor 90
6 Climate Change, Development and Mitigation 106
7 Global Distributive Institutions 132
Notes 154
Index 175