Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel

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Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel

Barbara M. Cooper, "Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel"
2006 | pages: 481 | ISBN: 0253347394 | PDF | 3,9 mb

Barbara M. Cooper looks closely at the Sudan Interior Mission, an evangelical Christian mission that has taken a tenuous hold in a predominantly Hausa Muslim area on the southern fringe of Niger. Based on sustained fieldwork, personal interviews, and archival research, this vibrant, sensitive, compelling, and candid book gives a unique glimpse into an important dimension of religious life in Africa. Cooper’s involvement in a violent religious riot provides a useful backdrop for introducing other themes and concerns such as Bible translation, medical outreach, public preaching, tensions between English-speaking and French-speaking missionaries, and the Christian mission’s changing views of Islam.

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