Guide to LaTeX, 4th Edition (Repost)

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Guide to LaTeX, 4th Edition (Repost)

Helmut Kopka, Patrick W. Daly, "Guide to LaTeX, 4th Edition"
English | 2003 | ISBN: 0321173856 | PDF | pages: 658 | 2,7 mb

Published Nov 25, 2003 by Addison-Wesley Professional. Part of the Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting series. The series editor may be contacted at LaTeX is the text-preparation system of choice for scientists and academics, and is especially useful for typesetting technical materials. This popular book shows you how to begin using LaTeX to create high-quality documents. The book also serves as a handy reference for all LaTeX users. In this completely revised edition, the authors cover the LaTeX2ε standard and offer more details, examples, exercises, tips, and tricks. They go beyond the core installation to describe the key contributed packages that have become essential to LaTeX processing.
Inside, you will find:
Complete coverage of LaTeX fundamentals, including how to input text, symbols, and mathematics; how to produce lists and tables; how to include graphics and color; and how to organize and customize documents
Discussion of more advanced concepts such as bibliographical databases and BIBTeX, math extensions with AMS-LaTeX, drawing, slides, and letters
Helpful appendices on installation, error messages, creating packages, using LaTeX with HTML and XML, and fonts
An extensive alphabetized listing of commands and their uses
New to this edition:
More emphasis on LaTeX as a markup language that separates content and form–consistent with the essence of XML
Detailed discussions of contributed packages alongside relevant standard topics
In-depth information on PDF output, including extensive coverage of how to use the hyperref package to create links, bookmarks, and active buttons
As did the three best-selling editions that preceded it, Guide to LaTeX, Fourth Edition, will prove indispensable to anyone wishing to gain the benefits of LaTeX.

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