Auditing: A Business Risk Approach, 6 edition

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Auditing: A Business Risk Approach, 6 edition

Larry E. Rittenberg, Bradley J. Schwieger, Karla Johnstone, "Auditing: A Business Risk Approach, 6 edition" C.llege Pub | 2007 | ISBN: 0324375581 | 864 pages | PDF | 8,9 MB

Gain the thorough understanding of today's auditing process with the hands-on practice that's critical for your business success with AUDITING: A BUSINESS RISK APPROACH, 6th Edition. This book introduces the audit process within the context of business risk–teaching you why it is important to first understand the organization's business environment and how you can apply the risk model. An emphasis on the integrated audit in this edition guides you through how to perform it effectively as well as what decisions and management commitments are necessary to complete it. You gain first-hand experience in using the well-known professional ACL Audit software, which accompanies each new book, as you practice audit techniques and work with specialized cases. AUDITING, 6th Edition prepares you to succeed amidst today's numerous auditing changes with the latest look at audit regulations, concepts, and practices as they apply in today's technological, systems-oriented environment.