Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour (repost)

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Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour (repost)

Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour by Margarete Parrish
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0335223656, 0335223672 | 352 pages | PDF | 7 MB

"It’s really nice to come across a social work textbook covering all the behaviour theories and their integration within different areas of social work in such detail."
Nell Abramczuk, Social Work Student, Bangor University. UK
"This is one of the best books on behavioural sciences for social workers I have seen for a long time. It is up to the usual high standard of OU texts."
Gavin Bissell, University of Bradford, UK
The capacity to observe, interpret and understand human behaviour is vital for effective social work practice. By choosing to enter a profession that requires high levels of astute observation and listening skills in the interpretation of people's behaviour, social work students have undertaken a demanding task.
Using a bio-psychosocial framework, this fascinating book provides a wide basis of perspectives on human behaviour on which to build understanding of and responses to people’s behaviours, along with an enhanced appreciation of some of the circumstances that shape behaviour.
Margarete Parrish covers the key theories of human growth and development in the context of social relationships, providing a frame of reference from which to explore various aspects of human behaviour. This is particularly relevant to students' preparedness to practice social work with complex populations, addressing factors such as:
• Attachment
• Developmental status
• Context
• Diversity
• Trauma
• Oppression
By drawing from biological, psychological and sociological perspectives, the book aims to provide social work students with a theoretically informed basis to observe, understand, and interpret people's behaviours in ways that will contribute to excellent practice.
The book includes exercises, discussion questions and chapter summary points to help the reader further develop their understanding.
Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour is key reading for all social work students.