More Games for the Super Intelligent

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More Games for the Super Intelligent

James F. Fixx, "More Games for the Super Intelligent"
Do uble day | 1976 | ISBN: 0385110391 | 101 pages | Djvu | 1,3 MB

Table of Contents
A word of welcome—and of warning v
I. What, exactly, is intelligence? 1
II. On logic, subways, and going forward by going
sideways 19
HI. Space, Grand Central Terminal, and the
man who stood too close 27
IV. Words for the wise 35
V. Mathematics, misery, and pure joy 40
VI. Disturbers of the puzzler's peace 46
VII. The damnable dozen 51
Vm. Solving puzzles the superintelligent way 59
IX. Rating your intelligence 70
More helpers 80
Answers to puzzles 83