American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X (Repost)

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American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X (Repost)

American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X By Steven Barboza
1995 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 0385476949 | EPUB | 5 MB

Barboza, a black American journalist who converted to orthodox Islam after being inspired by Malcolm X, taps the rich diversity of the American Islamic experience in this collection of more than 50 brief interviews. While the interviews are not too deep, they do correct certain tabloid stereotypes of this rapidly growing religion. Some interviewees are famous: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks about how his conversion gave him credibility but not marketability, while Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (the former H. Rap Brown) observes how Islam has enabled him to control his anger. A section on the separatist Nation of Islam fills out interesting history, but an interview with Louis Farrakhan doesn't challenge his inflammatory statements. Talking about prayer, family and pilgrimage, others interviewed remain intriguing: a McDonald's manager discusses how the company adapts to Islamic countries; a female college student recounts fighting sexism from fellow South Asians; a Muslim Marine tells of battling prejudice in the military.