Who Was Che Guevara?

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Who Was Che Guevara?

Who Was Che Guevara? by Ellen Labrecque
2019 | ISBN: 0399544011, 0399544038 | English | 112 pages | EPUB | 63 MB

Find out how Che Guevara–a doctor turned communist leader and much more than a face on a T-shirt–ended up paying the ultimate price for his cause.

His very image has become associated with a spirit of rebellion, but Ernesto Guevara–known around the world simply as Che–didn't dream of becoming a revolutionary. Author Ellen Labrecque takes readers on a journey through Che's life starting with his childhood in Argentina, to his travels through South and Central America as a young physician, and ending with his final years as a key player in the Cuban revolution. His legacy–as the author of The Motorcycle Diaries, a champion of the poor, and a force for change in Cuba–is both personal and political.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years