Domain Oriented Systems Development:: Practices and Perspectives

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Domain Oriented Systems Development:: Practices and Perspectives

Kiyoshi Itoh, Toyohiko Hirota, Satoshi Kumagai, "Domain Oriented Systems Development:: Practices and Perspectives"
2002 | pages: 231 | ISBN: 0415304504 | PDF | 5,9 mb

Domain Oriented Systems Development is the sixth volume in the Advanced Information Processing Technology series of the Information Processing Society of Japan. It draws together a collection of research papers on domain analysis and modeling written by a group of software engineers and researchers from Japan, Korea, Canada and Austria.
The topics covered include key concepts from domain-oriented systems development, feature oriented product line software engineering, software architecture for intelligent CAD, fully independent component architecture, interrelationships between requirements engineering and domain engineering, framework development and evolution, knowledge base development for product configuration systems, domain specific repository and reuse for CAI, domain framework based on the three-view model, business process analysis using IDEFO, and the generation of architecture product models.

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