Enhancing Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback

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Enhancing Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback

Alastair Irons, "Enhancing Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0415397812 | PDF | pages: 173 | 1.2 mb

This book is based on the argument that detailed and developmental formative feedback is the single most useful thing teachers can do for students. It helps to clarify the expectations of higher education and assist all students to achieve their potential.
This book promotes student learning through formative assessment and feedback, which:

- enables self-assessment and reflection in learning

- encourages teacher-student dialogue

- helps clarify what is good performance

- provides students with quality information to help improve their learning

- encourages motivation and self-confidence in students

- aids the teacher in shaping teaching

Underpinned by the relevant theory, the practical advice and examples in this book directly address the issues of how to motivate students to engage in formative assessment effectively and shows teachers how they can provide further useful formative feedback.