The Tao of Dreaming

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The Tao of Dreaming

The Tao of Dreaming
Publisher: Berkley Trade | ISBN: 0425202801 | edition 2005 | PDF | 320 pages | 1,41 mb

A holistic approach to dreams, health, and healing that blends the wisdom of East and West. An expert in Western dream interpretation joins a doctor of Oriental medicine to help readers delve into their dreams-and emerge with the gifts of health, personal growth, change, and problem solving. In this unique book, the principles of Taoism-a holistic treatment of body-mind-spirit, the balance of yin and yang, and the five basic elements-serve as a backdrop for dream exploration and interpretation. Each of these is essential to the health and function of body-mind-spirit– and, as this guide shows, is key to unlocking one's dreams. Western dreamwork, on the other hand, emphasizes the hidden, unconscious meanings of dreams. Never before has Western thought complemented Eastern principles so well. Now readers can take advantage of both worlds. This guide includes:
- A comprehensive glossary of dream objects, symbols, actions, and animals
- Exercises using Eastern and Western wisdom to develop dreamwork techniques
- Guidance on action to take for healing, growth, and change
- Sample dreams and their interpretations using the Tao of Dreaming method
- Worksheets for dream study

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