Dungeon Master for Dummies (4th edition) (repost)

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Dungeon Master for Dummies (4th edition) (repost)

James Wyatt, Bill Slavicsek, Richard Baker - Dungeon Master for Dummies (4th edition)
English | 2008-11-17 | ISBN: 0470292911 | PDF | 416 pages | 5.98 MB

Whether you’ve been a Dungeon Master (DM) before and want to fine-tune your skills or want to get ready and take the plunge, this is the book for you. It gives you the basics on running a great game, info for more advanced dungeon mastering, guidelines for creating adventures, and tips for building a campaign. It shows you how to:
Handle all the expressions of DMing: moderator, narrator, a cast of thousands (the nonplayer characters or NPCs), player, social director, and creator
Use published adventures and existing campaign worlds or create adventures and campaign worlds of your own

Conjure up exciting combat encounters
Handle the three types of encounters: challenge, roleplaying, and combat
Create your own adventure: The Dungeon Adventure, The Wilderness Adventure. The Event-Based adventure (including how to use flowcharts and timelines), The Randomly Generated Adventure, and the High-Level adventure
Create memorable master villains, with nine archetypes ranging from agent provocateur to zealot
To get you off to a fast start, Dungeon Master For Dummies includes:
A sample dungeon for practice
Ten ready-to-use encounters and ten challenging traps
A list of simple adventure premises
Mapping tips, including common scales, symbols, and conventions, complete with tables
Authors Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker wrote the hugely popular Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies. Bill has been a game designer since 1986 and leads the D&D creative team at Wizards of the Coast. Richard is a game developer and the author of the fantasy bestseller Condemnation. They give you the scoop on:
Using a DM binder to keep records such as an adventure log, PCs’ character sheets, NPC logs/character sheets, treasure logs, and more
Knowing player styles (role players and power games) and common subgroups: hack’n’slasher, wargamer, thinker, impulsive adventurer, explorer, character actor, and watcher
Recognizing your style: action movie director, storyteller, worldbuilder, puzzlemaker, or connector
Using miniatures, maps, and other game aids
Using 21st century technology, such as a Web site or blog, to enhance your game
The book includes a sample adventure, The Necromancer’s Apprentice, that’s the perfect way to foray into DMing. It includes everything you need for a great adventure—except your players. What are you waiting for? There are chambers to be explored, dragons to be slain, maidens to be rescued, gangs of gnoll warriors to be annihilated, worgs to be wiped out, treasures to be discovered, worlds to be conquered…

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