Due Diligence: An M&A Value Creation Approach

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Due Diligence: An M&A Value Creation Approach

William J. Gole, Paul J. Hilger, "Due Diligence: An M&A Value Creation Approach"
Wi y | 2009 | ISBN: 0470375906 | 281 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

This nuts-and-bolts guide examines all aspects of an M&A due diligence–from coming to the decision to acquire a company, to who should be on the due diligence team, to the actual process and the final report and post-closing follow up. It advocates a focus on both risk mitigation and shareholder value creation, and emphasizes a holistic approach that spans from planning to post-acquisition integration. The tentative contents is: (1) Introduction; (2) Planning for value creation: growth strategy; (3) Engagement and pursuit; (4) Preparing for due diligence; (5) Validation of value: performing due diligence; (6) Assessment of due diligence results; (7) Optimizing value: post diligence negotiation; (8) Extracting value: post-transaction integration.