Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL (Repost)

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Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL (Repost)

David Coderre, "Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL"
English | 2009-08-03 | ISBN: 0470392444 | 174 pages | PDF | 5.4 mb

"When people ask me what they can do to better utilize ACL, I tell them, 'Take an instructor lead course, participate in the ACL Forum, and study (not read, study) David Coderre's Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL.' I studied this book, and would not be where I am today without it. Even without the anti-fraud material, the book is worth the investment as a tool to learning ACL!"
- Porter Broyles, President and founder of the Texas ACL User Group, Keynote Speaker at ACL's 2009 San Francisco Conference, Official ACL Super User

"For individuals interested in learning about fraud analysis techniques or the art of ACL scripting, this book is a must-read. For those individuals interested in learning both, this book is a treasure."