Unified Communications For Dummies (repost)

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Unified Communications For Dummies (repost)

Tony Bradley, Satish Shah, "Unified Communications For Dummies"
2010 | ISBN: 0470401443, 0470588586, 0470588594 | 336 pages | PDF | 7,5 MB

Discover what Unified Communications can do for your business
In our increasingly mobile world, communication must be effective, global, and available through multiple technologies seamlessly. Unified Communications logically blends and combines previously separate services and features, making communication possible by any means, with anyone, using any of your devices.

This complex topic is perfect for a book dedicated to making everything easier! Unified Communications For Dummies introduces you to the many advantages this technology offers your business and shows you how to develop a strategy for bringing it about.

•Unified Communications is a new paradigm for working and communicating efficiently and collaboratively
•This book explains the features available with Unified Communications and how they can create new capabilities to drive customer satisfaction
•Shows how Unified Communications encompasses office and mobile phones, voicemail, instant messaging, fax, Internet phone calls, texting, and even Web conferencing
•Provides a step-by-step approach for creating a Unified Communications strategy
•Offers tips for improving the implementation process
•Shares real-world examples of how Unified Communications is being used today
Unified Communications For Dummies shows you how to meet business needs with this emerging, cutting-edge solution.