Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons (repost)

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Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons (repost)

Nadav Morag, "Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons"
2011 | ISBN: 0470497149 | 400 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB

A topic-by-topic guide for integrating overseas homeland security practices into those currently used in the United States
Homeland security practices extend beyond America's borders. Yet, the United States has failed to look at homeland security (HS) solutions implemented successfully across different corners of the globe. Comparative Homeland Security raises awareness among students and practitioners with an international menu of HS techniques individual countries have set in place to confront a host of domestic safety concerns.

The book then proceeds to closely examine case-by-case examples on why these tactics worked well in an attempt to seek effective alternatives for solving HS problems facing the United States. An important weapon for deterring terrorism and responding to crisis situations, Comparative Homeland Security:

Covers strategies and tactics to combat terrorism from a number of the world's democracies including, but not limited to, Great Britain, Israel, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Italy

Topics are organized topically rather than by country, which allows the practitioner to easily compare and potentially integrate the concepts presented into practice

Includes discussion of national strategies, civil liberties issues, border security and immigration, and emergency response

While there is a marked tendency to view the challenges facing the United States as unique, many countries have extensive HS policies and procedures. Understanding their policy approaches and incorporating some of them to reflect American laws, institutions, and even, in some cases, cultural sensibilities, can significantly enhance HS policymaking—and aid in protecting the safety of all Americans.