Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies (repost)

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Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies (repost)

Ryan Mayfield, "Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies"
2010 | ISBN: 047059893X | 384 Pages | PDF | 6,5 MB

The fun and easy way to get a grip on photovoltaic design and installation
Designing and installing solar panel systems is a trend that continues to grow. With 'green collar' jobs on the rise and homeowners looking for earth-friendly ways to stretch their dollars and lesson their carbon imprint, understanding photovoltaic design and installation is on the rise.[cut]
Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies gives you a comprehensive overview of the history, physics, design, installation, and operation of home-scale solar-panel systems. You'll also get an introduction to the foundational mathematic and electrical concepts you need to understand and work with photovoltaic systems.