Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies

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Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies

Dirk Fletcher, "Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies"
ISBN: 0470647639 | 2010 | EPUB | 368 pages | 36 MB

Improve your lighting technique to produce better quality photographs

Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies features the tools, concepts, and steps you need to give your subjects a high-quality look and feel. Everyone from advanced beginners to aspiring professional photographers will improve their understanding of lighting basics as well as the parts and functions of their camera.

Explains the different kinds of lighting that different situations require and guides you through changing the settings on your camera
Shows you how to set up equipment to capture the photograph you want with the proper amount of light and shadow
Offers information on the latest lighting equipment and accessories
Includes techniques and skills used by film photographers like David Bailey, Ansel Adams, and Annie Leibovitz

Reach for Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies and take your knowledge of lighting and photography to the next level!