The Enlightened Leader: An Introduction to the Chakras of Leadership

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The Enlightened Leader: An Introduction to the Chakras of Leadership

Peter Ten Hoopen, Fons Trompenaars, "The Enlightened Leader: An Introduction to the Chakras of Leadership"
English | ISBN: 0470713968 | 2009 | PDF | 284 pages | 1,3 MB

The stark cases of ‘endarkened’ leadership that we have seen in recent years force us to think of fundamental change. But these are merely the alarm bells. It is time now to pay attention to the causes, the underlying assumptions that have for so long remained unquestioned - and to a working alternative. The search is on for a type of leadership that incorporates not just material values, but human values as well. A type of leadership that goes beyond exploitation and personal greed, and that we may justly call ‘enlightened’.
What would this leadership look like? How is it cultivated – in self and in others? And how do you make it work? In The Enlightened Leader corporate culture consultants Peter ten Hoopen and Fons Trompenaaars, whose work for global organisations gives them unique insights into leadership across all cultures, take the scalpel to some deeply engrained, but nefarious management theory, and show the way to healing, opening fresh fields of ambition, new degrees of passion and creativity.

To promote the needed awareness, the authors introduce ‘The Chakras of Leadership’, a model of leadership that differentiates seven levels of human energy use. Inspired by Yoga philosophy, it serves a prism that makes us look at leadership from seven distinct perspectives. The companion Chakra Test at profiles the extent to which the seven aspects of leadership are developed, whether positively or negatively. The visualisations give a nuanced overview of one’s internal energy economy. The ideal is full spectrum energy expenditure, with all levels in harmony, and positive direction.