Golf For Dummies, 3rd Edition

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Gary McCord, «Golf For Dummies (Golf for Dummies)»
For Dummies | ISBN 0471768715 | 3 edition (January 31, 2006) | PDF | 12.3 Mb | 384 pages

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If you don't know the difference between a lob wedge and a lemon wedge, check out Golf for Dummies, by CBS commentator Gary McCord, one of the game's most colorful–and knowledgeable–characters. It's a wonderful, often hilarious, never boring introduction to the game. Don't let the foreword by Kevin Costner or the afterword by Hootie and the Blowfish confuse the issue; this is a terrifically sound, easy-to-follow primer. McCord's potato-chip drill–yes, potato-chip drill–will revolutionize your swing, and your thinking, with overtones that could spill directly into off-the-course existence, as well. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

“If you’ve ever wanted an answer to a golf question but didn’t want to sound stupid then this easy-to-read book is definitely for you…” (Women & Golf, 1st January 2006)

Judy Rankin, Golf Professional & ABC Golf Commentator
"Gary is an excellent teacher in Golf For Dummies. I'm sure he'll be able to help you, while making you smile from time to time."" –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
Let Gary McCord show you how to get into the swing of things

Welcome to Gary McCord's bestselling course on golf! Whether you're new to the sport or a long-suffering duffer, Gary reviews the basics and shows you shot by shot how to shave strokes off your game. Now featuring new tips and updated coverage of courses, players, and equipment, it's the one book you need before you say "Fore!" again.

Discover how to:

* Improve your grip, stance, and swing
* Fix common faults
* Perfect your short game
* Get up to speed on rules and etiquette
* Make the most of high-tech equipment
* Shape up with golf-specific exercises

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The bestselling golf primer nearly 750,000 copies sold in previous editions now revised with 20 percent new and updated content There are 26.2 million golfers in the U.S., but despite the recent proliferation of high-performance balls, drivers, and putters, the average golf score remains at about 100, the same as it has for years. With his matchless teaching skills and great sense of humor, Gary McCord has helped countless new golfers and old duffers beat this trend and shave strokes off their games. Illustrated throughout with instructional photos, Golf For Dummies is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques to help people master golf basics, correct faults, and boost distance and accuracy. And now his bestselling guide is even better. McCord has thoroughly revised the book with new tips on how to adjust grips, stances, and swings as well as improved workouts to help players stay in shape for the game. There are new pointers from top players, expanded advice on the short game, an evaluation of the latest golf gear, a rundown of great new courses, an overview of today's best golf resources and Web sites, and an updated look at golf's greatest moments and players. For any player who wants a better score and more fun on the links, this guide can't be beat! Gary McCord (Scottsdale, AZ) is a CBS TV golf analyst, a PGA Senior Tour champion, a golf instructor to many celebrities, and a consultant to more than 20 players on the PGA Tour. He is also the cofounder of the Kostis/McCord Learning Center at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the star of the popular Golf For Dummies tutorial DVD.

From the Back Cover
"Vintage McCord … You're bound to learn something new." Jim Nantz, CBS Sports Anchor "I can't think of a more insightful or entertaining introduction to the game." Peter Jacobson, PGA Tour Player

The bestselling guide to golf is now even better

Whether you're new to golf or a long-time duffer, this bestselling guide is guaranteed to get you into the swing of things. Now updated with new step-by-step photos, new coverage of exercise and equipment, new tips for women, seniors, and lefties, and fun facts about golf history, it's all you need to take strokes off your game.

Discover how to: Master grip, stance, and swing Fix common faults Improve your putting Know the score on rules and etiquette Take advantage of high-tech equipment Shape up with golf-specific exercises

Get smart! –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

About the Author
Author and CBS television golf analyst Gary McCord is a PGA Senior Tour champion and a golf instructor to many celebrities. Gary possesses tremendous teaching ability and instructs and consults with more than 20 Tour players. With his friend and fellow CBS commentator Peter Kostis, he co-founded the Kostis/McCord Learning Center at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Gary also starred in the Golf For Dummies tutorial DVD.