Flash CS4 for Dummies

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Flash CS4 for Dummies

Flash CS4 for Dummies by Ellen Finkelstein
English | 21 Oct. 2008 | ISBN: 0470381191 | 400 Pages | PDF | 14.72 MB

With Adobe Flash CS4 For Dummies as your guide, you can unleash your creativity and contribute to the Flash –iest showcase of dynamic content: the Web! You ll beecome acquainted with Flash CS4 and learn when to use this popular Web development tool. Plus, you ll discover what you can create, from animation to games to presentations.
This full color edition gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with Flash CS4, discover all the possibilities, and become familiar with the new tools. You ll be able to create dynamic content, adapt the program s features to suit your development needs, publish your Flash files to the Web, and showcase your creativity and newly acquired skills. You ll discover how to create graphics, text, and layers, make animations, add sound and video, and optimize your files for download. Find out how to:
Draw and edit images, create effects, and use layers
Building layers, manipulate objects, and add buttons
Animate figures and add interactive features
Understand the basics of colors, frame rates, and graphics
Incorporate video and sound files
Publish your files to the Web
Complete with lists of ten frequently asked questions about Flash, ten best resources for Flash, and samples of work from ten fabulous Flash designers, Adobe Flash CS4For Dummies is your one–stop guide designing dynamic and interactive content.