An Interactive Introduction to Knot Theory

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An Interactive Introduction to Knot Theory

An Interactive Introduction to Knot Theory (Aurora: Dover Modern Math Originals) by Inga Johnson, Allison K. Henrich
2017 | ISBN: 0486804631 | English | 192 pages | True EPUB | 13 MB

This well-written and engaging volume, intended for undergraduates, introduces knot theory, an area of growing interest in contemporary mathematics. The hands-on approach features many exercises to be completed by readers. Prerequisites are only a basic familiarity with linear algebra and a willingness to explore the subject in a hands-on manner.
The opening chapter offers activities that explore the world of knots and links — including games with knots — and invites the reader to generate their own questions in knot theory. Subsequent chapters guide the reader to discover the formal definition of a knot, families of knots and links, and various knot notations. Additional topics include combinatorial knot invariants, knot polynomials, unknotting operations, and virtual knots.