Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology (repost)

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Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology (repost)

Robin Davidson-Arnott, "Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology"
2010 | ISBN 0521874459 | PDF | 456 pages | 19.3 MB

Written for undergraduate students studying coastal geomorphology, this is the complete guide to the processes at work on our coastlines and the features we see in coastal systems across the world. Accessible to students from a range of disciplines, the quantitative approach of this book helps to build a solid understanding of wave and current processes that shape coastlines. The resulting processes of erosion, transport and deposition and the features they create are clearly explained, with over 400 illustrations and photographs.

From sandy beaches to coral reefs, the major coastal features are related to contemporary processes and to sea-level changes over the past 25,000 years. Key equations describing or predicting measurements from instruments used to map these processes are all presented in this wide-ranging overview. Davidson-Arnott completes this teaching package with online material that brings the subject to life, including videos of coastal processes and virtual field trips.